• Ibtissam Touahri (in progres)
    Topic: Opinion and sentiment analysis in Arabic Big Data.
  • Safae Berrichi (in progres)
    Topic: Towards an Arabic-French machine translation system.
  • Amine Mhamdi (in progres)
    Topic: Development of an OCR for Arabic texts.
  • Mohamed Boudchiche (in progres)
    Topic: Application of morphosyntactic analysis in contextual search and indexing of Arabic texts.
  • Nabil Ababou (in progres)
    Topic: Development of a parser for Arabic language.
  • Amine Chennoufi (sustained in October 2016)
    Topic: Elaboration and design of a hybrid system for automatic diacritization of Arabic language.
  • Aissa Kerkour-Elmiad (sustained in July 2014)
    Topic: Recognition of Arabic characters.
  • Mohamed Lamnii (sustained in July 2013) (Joint Supervision)
    Topic: Approximation by multivariate spline functions for based on polar forms.